úterý 31. ledna 2012


Umbrella on the brain. From Punch (1879) available here.

Edison’s anti-gravitation under-clothing.  From Punch (1879) available here.

Black 5 No 45407 departs Leicester 6-12-08

Black 5 No 45407 makes an especially smokey deparure from Leicester with an excursion from Mill Hill to Chester on Saturday 6th December 2008

old times

Mé fotky
(pictures of me XP)
2 years ago i saw this book in my favourite antique shop...damn it....next time when i will see
enything special for me, i have to buy it.........now this antique shop is closed

(Once upon a time … . )...look at  handwork like this!! 

Yesterday at night i looked at old houses, abandoned bouldings.... i am fascinated by this.....i feel very sad, old building is like human. Like a new hause is everything aroud happy, the building have ages too, there are times, when she need help like humans...and there are time when she is old, she is abandoned.. It is sad, when humans are old, we need to take care of them.... it is similar with house too....we need take care more...why are they abandoned? it's sad...if i was rich....hahah... i would like to boy them.....sorry, i have no money :-D
tomb on the way to my grandmother.... why she is still ruined? She is small, theres no nedd a lot of money, i thing that in this republic are historical lovers and people who can help.....but they are lazy to do it!!
(haha today i am like activist....no.... i am only historical maniac)
http://www.literarnizapad.cz/zapad/ (Czech abandoned buildings)


the naturalist (By Sparrowsalvage )

death takes a lover (By Sparrowsalvage )

from bones to dust  

Lovely old tin and tiny treasures, a mail gift from Boneflowers on Etsy.  (By Sparrowsalvage)

the worst pies in Sparrowland (

in her lady's chamber 

Antique glass buttons (


tin roof rusted (By Sparrowsalvage)

Victorian Iron Age (By Sparrowsalvage)


Mechanical sculpture of the metallic wood boring beetle.

lace and bones and crystal stones, that's what girls are made of.

ocean bones (By wewillallbewell )

pondělí 30. ledna 2012

abandoned areas

in my room i have 20 years old piano, i can see him every day, it is in front of my bed....he is out of tone a bit...i need someone who can tone in.....he is old but full of memories...full of spirit .

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