čtvrtek 28. února 2013

Etude House snail cream

 I am using Etude House snail cream this days thanks to my friend Julinka (yess i know, and her BF hahah)  :-) hhaha, and i think it is the best cream i ever tried, really....you can feel it after first using, when ur skin is more soft, better on touch.
Honestly, i never triend something similar like that and i was little bit scared, but it's ok, like normal cream, normal scent....but better effect.
My skin is problematic and this cream is like treasure for me now, when i will finished this i will buy new one again and again, maybe i will try some next products from this brand too, cleaner or something like that....sooo from me this cream have the best score ***** ♥♥

pondělí 25. února 2013

my vintage dress

  • my closet is full of vintage things, some are 20 years old, some are more older.... this are in pastel colours

40s under dress 


neděle 24. února 2013

the secret garden (my mori style)

i made some photos today :) it is little bit in cult party kei style ♥♥
  • bag is old ( i am not sure if i have it from dad or grandfather...)
  • sweater (english seconhand)
  • fairy drees (from mom's closet, when she was 17)
  • floral crown is handmade
  • necklace (next)
  • leggins (lindex)

pátek 22. února 2013

small place with big heart

I am so inspirated by asian style of living, when i look on photos of streets, houses, they know how to use small place, where in the end it looks so beautiful, like symphony of materials and using small place. i just feel harmony and  i would love to live here more than in expensive big and luxury apartment (haha yesss if i would have apartment, i have nothing against ..but if i could choose, this small houses, flats, places would win for me)
ohhh i can see it is small street in big city, but they are not forgive on flowers and nature, wanna live in harmony...wood, iron,plants, colours....u can have small room, place but u should still care about it, someone would say, why i should care about my place, when it is just one room or it is not mine...why? because u want to have life full of nice things around u, right?
it would be so awesome to have small shop (bookstore, shop with fahion, antique shop...nothing big, only cute small shop with charm
i love bird cages, mom asked me if i want vintage bird cage, that she will buy me one, but it is not so cheap thing, what i have seen in Domažlice, in one vintage shop, birdcage in this size was about 600-900 Kč ..hmm, i would like to have it but there were more inportant things i  needed...in future i will have one or more for sure, but not with bird, i don't need to have prisoner...i would use it like planter, have flowers inside or with grass,  or give candles inside...:) like a  fairy ♥
if u want to know how to use old/new bird cage so look here ---> .IDEAS

úterý 19. února 2013

mori inspirations

fashion inspiration :-)

pondělí 18. února 2013


so disappointing, how things go in Domažlice with Antique shops, where are times when i didn't knowwherego first....i am totally sad because it, i searched in the square a bit, but still, it is not whatwassome year ago. And i am afraid that in future will be closed every antique shop ( why people want to buy new furniture??? i don't get it :-(  
i made some potos today and i found only one thing what i would
 like to have, and it is part of asian tea service :) ♥♥
here u can see asian tea service, jug i want the most!!!
light is not bad too, but i bet it is too much expensive....here, Domažlice is sleepy  hollow but things are expensive here because we are on the border with Germany
this is another shop, more expensive, but better than first one
u can find here a lot of things typical for this area, this part of Czech republic, traditional costumes, pictures...

neděle 17. února 2013

"Pilsen Calling"

yeasteday i was on lolita meeting with my friends, it was awesome and funny a lot haha, we were little bit weird part of it haha, trolling friends ^^

 umm umm, 250 followers on TUMBLR ♥ it is not so bad, they all are so cool ♥

středa 13. února 2013

Some news

Matcha Sundae which is called "memory of kyoto" in one tea house in Budweiss, i really love this kind of smoothies, it is from green tea but u know it for sure, and is sweet...this time was my "memory of Kyoto" too much sweet, i dunno why, probably my Matcha made someone new, who don't know how to make it yummy....it is expensive a lot here and i am shoked when i found that this drink is good on lose weight...what?? this?? sugar could be more diet that this :) ...and if it is true...so let's buy all Matcha Sundae!!! ♥

Here i was in Pendl cafe in train station in Pilsen yesterday, when i was waiting on my parents. I enjoyed it here with chocolate shake and good view on train station's hall...everything was in retro style, i like it like that, and wifi.....really awesome!! ♥

Yankee candles
  • i love them, their smell is so magic and strong....feel like real witch 
  • and what is the bes? i found them in one florist's in city where i live!! you can choose from a lot of scents and one is around 37 Kč 

first i saw them in MELONLADY'S  VLOG
-----> so i have some at home and anm gonna buy a lot of them when i will have more money haha :-P
my favourite candle Yankee :) 
 it even looks like Witch's kettle haha ..... ♥

....u can find a lot of scents .In autumn scents are (Apple pumpkin,autumn leaves, autumn wreath, Harvest, Harvest welcome, pimpkin pie, treehouse memories....). In floral are ( fresh cut roses, levander vanilla, lilac blossoms, midnight jasmine, ocean blossom, tahitian tiare flower). food scent (this i like the most..because, where u can find another one cadle in food's scent??..) ( apple cider, buttercream, cramberry chutney, farmer's market, french vanilla, pumpkin buttercream-it seems they really love pumpkin haha..ee, spice cake, strawberry buttercream, vanilla cupcake), fresh scents (bahama breeze, beach walk, coconut bay, grapevine and oak, Midsummer's night- this candle is black, mountain lodge, pink sands, sea harbor, ...) fruit scents (Cherry berry pie, black cherry,pinapple cilantro, pink dragon fruit- this i had, vineyard, vanilla lime, sweet strawberry...)
my home clothing ^^ so warmy :)
herbal tea :)
me when i had to waiting on teacher of sculpture
My new crackle nail polish

 New clothes
t-shirt in viet style
hah in military style a bit....it said JULY to me hahaha 
New glass candlestick with ornaments

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