středa 6. února 2013

one of my treasures

I will show u my next treasure box :), this one wooden i found out, on the street... (empty-without jewellry for sureee) ... :).. how much is possible that u will find wooden bo on the street? and bo decorated like this one :) inside is velvet  ... i will show u what i hide inside of this box, this necklace are not something special but to every i have memory on home i have machine on iron-melting (i use it on jewellry) and machine on wood, which when i use it, so it will make similar decoration like on this box...somethimes i will try to do something with this machine
this jewellry i bought some years ago on internet auction, cheap .. :) but nice
detail of  necklace
this i bought in antique shop in Pilsen, i think it is part of belt..but in future i will make something from it...on coffer od jewellry is one of the first my necklaces ..i had it on primary school already hahaha
looks like from thi time of word war.. i think, thats why i bought it :)
this one i got from my mom ♥
haha when i look on this necklace so remember niky, when we tryed to look like dolly kei some years ago..hahah..and tryed to make photos on my balcony haha
i bought it in Spain, in Tossa de Mar, so love it!!!!! (i dunno why i chose this colours---red is awesome but red with white? hmmm, i dunno really) but still i love ♥
my homemade necklace..i made it on high school
gift from my friend Romana :)
From Prague, this style will never die i think
♥♥♥♥ absolutely the best!!!! so old, and awesome....this was necklace of my granma's mother
detail of this necklace
bracelets.....  :)

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  1. Wow I wish I could find cool jewellery boxes on the street like this! I love all the necklaces, especially the one you made is soooo pretty!


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