pátek 8. února 2013

Memories of Japan I.

Maiko in the 19th century
Hijikata, isn't he handsome? great swordman and  vice-commander of Shinsengumi, military leader and very beautiful man how u can see... more
Yamaoka Tesshū the famous samurai, who had 188 cm, master of sword  more
Tōgō Heihachirō when was older was marshal-admiral and hero...i think we can see shadow of heroism in his eys, face....and i think women had to fell for him when he was young too hahah. Photo is from times when he was student in Britain, full of dreams, ideas ...
i am not sure if it is Taro Katsura  :) but looks good here
prince Lee Woo under Japanese military service...charismatic, right?

more here----> http://blog.livedoor.jp/

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