pátek 22. února 2013

small place with big heart

I am so inspirated by asian style of living, when i look on photos of streets, houses, they know how to use small place, where in the end it looks so beautiful, like symphony of materials and using small place. i just feel harmony and  i would love to live here more than in expensive big and luxury apartment (haha yesss if i would have apartment, i have nothing against ..but if i could choose, this small houses, flats, places would win for me)
ohhh i can see it is small street in big city, but they are not forgive on flowers and nature, wanna live in harmony...wood, iron,plants, colours....u can have small room, place but u should still care about it, someone would say, why i should care about my place, when it is just one room or it is not mine...why? because u want to have life full of nice things around u, right?
it would be so awesome to have small shop (bookstore, shop with fahion, antique shop...nothing big, only cute small shop with charm
i love bird cages, mom asked me if i want vintage bird cage, that she will buy me one, but it is not so cheap thing, what i have seen in Domažlice, in one vintage shop, birdcage in this size was about 600-900 Kč ..hmm, i would like to have it but there were more inportant things i  needed...in future i will have one or more for sure, but not with bird, i don't need to have prisoner...i would use it like planter, have flowers inside or with grass,  or give candles inside...:) like a  fairy ♥
if u want to know how to use old/new bird cage so look here ---> .IDEAS

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