neděle 30. června 2013

Trip around my room

i already had to tidy my room, thanks to exams, working on my bachelor degree (some exams i will have in August too) i didn't have time on cleaning...everywhere on the floor i had books, papers, pillows .....really messy it when i have finally some time, i  did it...
I decided that i will collecting old and interesting keys know i love " the secret gardem" so that was my inspiration for it :)
i found 2 hair pins in vintage style, like from victorian era.... i remember that my friend Romana gave me it year ago....hope that i will not lost it again
next think i found, czech  vintage magazine
i always wanted Jack Daniels t-shirt ....finally.....♥ ...later ganne decorate it and change a bit (spikes...)
my smaller treasure box with vintage earrings.....
my works
when was antique shops in my city, i bougt a lot of leaflets, papers about exhibions ...
some sketches from the time when i was on high school

pátek 28. června 2013


Today i was really good hunter, hope that next time will be again :D (next time???...tomorrow...haha..because i am gonna visit thrift store here in Domažlice)
Dnešní úlovek zdá se mi zdařilý!!!!!
i am gonna wear it on black dress....or just like t-shirt...and necklace, i wanted this kind of necklace for a long time but today i found him in sale...lucky me!!!
vintage purse
white blouse in mori style ( made in India)
my new headphones..i know, they looks little bit like famous brand  Beats.....only with some difference, this is from store Baťa and a lot of moreee cheaper...but i am glad i have them
My friend Sany gave me some raven's feathers.....i love them....firstly i wanted to made earring from them ...but i like them just like this now

pátek 21. června 2013


some photos from today when i was on fresh air, near forest.....

Mermaid this song♥


A mermaid was swimming in the dark sea
Seven thousand miles away from me
She was surrounded by many sailors 
Perplexed by her beauty

The sailors looked upon her form
And desire within their hearts was born
They wanted only what they could see
A piece of her beauty

The waves began crashing wildly around
There was no hope for her left to be found
They were so blinded
And tried to grasp
Her heart was broken in two

Could it be broken, is love just a token
That can be bought and sold
What is a pure flame, unspoiled by the soul's shame
This fire that remains unquenched

A young man was staring so intently
Into the blue eyes of serendipity
He wanted only to make her happy
But she could not be owned 
She could not be owned 
She could not be owned 

úterý 18. června 2013

Gu family book

 really awesome, i started watching drama " Gu family book" and i think i am dying from sadness and too much crying :-((( i started episode 3 right now and my Choi Jin Hyuk :_((  and main character gonna be actor. who i don't likeee.......nooooo..........Choi Jin Hyuk!!!!♥♥ :(
alright i am curious how it will go now, without him.....why they didn't use someone more handsome than Lee Seung Ki? ...eeeee

The secret garden

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