pondělí 3. června 2013

DIY Flag garland

How it look when i am finished with it :)

 You can use various kind of materials, i used paper, it is easyer and you can make it quickly. If you want it with ornaments, floral, patterns, stripes or dots you can use special paper of fabric (i think that with pastel cute fabric it would be even better (but i have no pastel fabric at home) and u need more fabrics, not only one (if you want it more interesting). You can use for example flag with white-yellow (pastel) colours, next to it floral light blue fabric, next pale pink flag with white dots..... Or all Flags in the same colour and pattern...you will be owner of it so u should choose what you like the most. 
all what you need
It is cheap thing so you need only papers,pencil, rule,scissors, adhesive,twisted cord or rope, which would be in colours of naturem, brush...thats all what you need...
With scissors you should fold paper on half and by the pencil draw wher you will cuth with scissors...when you will have double triangles so you will arange it on cord and you will use adhesive ...then you can put it where you want...on bild, furniture, door...on the wall :) and don't forget on how your room looks, you should use colours of flag which will be nice in your room...
papers i used
fold paper on half
draw triangles by ruler and pencil
finished...now you should finished it with rope between halfs and adhesive

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  1. What an lovely bookcase you have <3

    1. thank youu :) it's only part of it, i like books everywhere hahah ^^


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