sobota 15. června 2013


I know i am morbid, somethimes weird but i am still on the border between madness and to be normal, not morbid that i would need go to madhouse but not so normal , people look at me when i am in the middle of them. I am full of ideas, "fantasy" if someone want to call it like that. I look so calm but inside of me is war which killing me, i am trying to survive, battle with myself. And my weapon is art, history of art and my hands.
When i saw this animation, it remembered me one of my favourite artists, Odilon Redon, who was in symbolism, in era of Gustave Moreau. His art was like alegorie of life and dying, morbid ideas. Like smiling or crying spider, Cactus man, flowers which is like this animation.......they seems to be dying and you can see that their life is like human's like.....
Odilon Redon (1904)

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