pátek 14. června 2013

News from Moravia

  • shirt- gift from my aunt
  • neon nail polish- really cheap one but colour is awesome :)
  • Book was gift frommy uncle
  • Dermacol aroma ritual..body lotion/watermelon
  • shoes (New Yorker)
  • necklace (Gate)
lovely gift from my cousins (Verča and Maruška)
(woomulzzomul)---> link

when i relaxed in granma's room in Moravia

last day when i visited uncle, aunt, Verča and Maruška :) family finally together this days...so pity that we had to come back.....
dad, uncle and aunt (their sister) ♥

Avion shopping park Ostrava

Avion shopping park Ostrava

2 komentáře:

  1. That photography book looks so awesome! :O

    1. yeah this book is really awesome, full of interesting and provocative photos, stories :) i am glad i have it now


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