pátek 21. června 2013

Mermaid ....love this song♥


A mermaid was swimming in the dark sea
Seven thousand miles away from me
She was surrounded by many sailors 
Perplexed by her beauty

The sailors looked upon her form
And desire within their hearts was born
They wanted only what they could see
A piece of her beauty

The waves began crashing wildly around
There was no hope for her left to be found
They were so blinded
And tried to grasp
Her heart was broken in two

Could it be broken, is love just a token
That can be bought and sold
What is a pure flame, unspoiled by the soul's shame
This fire that remains unquenched

A young man was staring so intently
Into the blue eyes of serendipity
He wanted only to make her happy
But she could not be owned 
She could not be owned 
She could not be owned 

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