sobota 1. června 2013

Chod Castle

Because i can enjoy free time now i visited CHod castle in my  city Domažlice, just remembering that this city is not so bad, somethimes i starting to be blind to the things here, sick of everything...and somethimes are time when i am proud that i live i am proud!! ♥
our guide told  that this wooden Bethlehem made poor boy which was silent and deaf  some century ago...he lived in orphanage, but one day one rich  "lord" noticed his work and was amazed how beautiful it is, when poor boy was able to  carve it and never saw he gave a lot of money to him and bougt it.....all money poor boy gave to orphanage.....
historical wedding in Chodsko....bride had black wedding dress...not white...
The biggest hero from this area of country, Kozina

city where i live 
some souvenirs for memoryyy ♥

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