pátek 31. května 2013

yummy news

Yesterday i did well one wery iportant exam (history of art and Architecture) and my grade was 1 ..i am so happy..it is really inportant degree examinations and it is not easy. SO when it finished well for me, my parents bought me black tight trousers in Kappahl and some cosmetics, like Body Lotion, which smell so awesome, belgian chocolate (like mixed orange with chocolate), i saw melon shower gel too but i would be happyer if it would be melon body lotien...so they bought me this one..and it is better choice in the end, it is soo yummy, i would eat is how scent is awesome ♥. Clay mask will by great for sure too, because combination (strawberry and chocolate) ...i will become chocolate lady...hahaha....hm, and today i bought Maybelline lipstick ( ORANGE ATTITUDE) look here ..u can see my lipstick here beautezine

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