středa 13. února 2013

Some news

Matcha Sundae which is called "memory of kyoto" in one tea house in Budweiss, i really love this kind of smoothies, it is from green tea but u know it for sure, and is sweet...this time was my "memory of Kyoto" too much sweet, i dunno why, probably my Matcha made someone new, who don't know how to make it is expensive a lot here and i am shoked when i found that this drink is good on lose weight...what?? this?? sugar could be more diet that this :) ...and if it is let's buy all Matcha Sundae!!! ♥

Here i was in Pendl cafe in train station in Pilsen yesterday, when i was waiting on my parents. I enjoyed it here with chocolate shake and good view on train station's hall...everything was in retro style, i like it like that, and wifi.....really awesome!! ♥

Yankee candles
  • i love them, their smell is so magic and strong....feel like real witch 
  • and what is the bes? i found them in one florist's in city where i live!! you can choose from a lot of scents and one is around 37 Kč 

first i saw them in MELONLADY'S  VLOG
-----> so i have some at home and anm gonna buy a lot of them when i will have more money haha :-P
my favourite candle Yankee :) 
 it even looks like Witch's kettle haha ..... ♥

....u can find a lot of scents .In autumn scents are (Apple pumpkin,autumn leaves, autumn wreath, Harvest, Harvest welcome, pimpkin pie, treehouse memories....). In floral are ( fresh cut roses, levander vanilla, lilac blossoms, midnight jasmine, ocean blossom, tahitian tiare flower). food scent (this i like the most..because, where u can find another one cadle in food's scent??..) ( apple cider, buttercream, cramberry chutney, farmer's market, french vanilla, pumpkin buttercream-it seems they really love pumpkin, spice cake, strawberry buttercream, vanilla cupcake), fresh scents (bahama breeze, beach walk, coconut bay, grapevine and oak, Midsummer's night- this candle is black, mountain lodge, pink sands, sea harbor, ...) fruit scents (Cherry berry pie, black cherry,pinapple cilantro, pink dragon fruit- this i had, vineyard, vanilla lime, sweet strawberry...)
my home clothing ^^ so warmy :)
herbal tea :)
me when i had to waiting on teacher of sculpture
My new crackle nail polish

 New clothes
t-shirt in viet style
hah in military style a said JULY to me hahaha 
New glass candlestick with ornaments

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  1. Mám dojem, že některé z těch pokojových voňavek mám, ale nemám na to ten kotlík. XD

    1. joo? ono se to muže dát určitě i do takových těch vonných svíček kam se lijou vonné oleje :)


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