pondělí 18. února 2013


so disappointing, how things go in Domažlice with Antique shops, where are times when i didn't knowwherego first....i am totally sad because it, i searched in the square a bit, but still, it is not whatwassome year ago. And i am afraid that in future will be closed every antique shop ( why people want to buy new furniture??? i don't get it :-(  
i made some potos today and i found only one thing what i would
 like to have, and it is part of asian tea service :) ♥♥
here u can see asian tea service, jug i want the most!!!
light is not bad too, but i bet it is too much expensive....here, Domažlice is sleepy  hollow but things are expensive here because we are on the border with Germany
this is another shop, more expensive, but better than first one
u can find here a lot of things typical for this area, this part of Czech republic, traditional costumes, pictures...

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