středa 1. února 2012


Whááá, to jsem musela vyvěsit i tady XD, abych na to nikdy nezapomněla XD


Miluji starožitný nepořádek, jakoby vzhled atelieru umělce, bohéma a objevovatele

By graceartandantiques

Carrasite Jasper

Dorlis Meier- jewelry designer
Talented Dorlis is completely in love with her craft and combines her finds, whether vintage lace or charms, with her own metal and stitch work along with semi-precious stones to create beautiful works of art that are lovely but not too precious (which I like). There is nothing in her collection that isn’t a labor of love. Some of her pieces are even found in the forest and then recreated into charms and decorative elements layered inside of a brooch or shadowbox-style locket.

Beaded Purse

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