pondělí 5. srpna 2013

Goldsmith vintage and Beyond retro

Goldsmith vintage
(Goldsmith Vintage, 253 Portobello Road, London Portobello Road)

ohhhh! i would love to visit this store in London. Looks like paradise for vintage lovers and thrift store hunters hahaha...so for me :D ....Damn, why i am not living in London? eehhhhhh ♥♥

when i have seen photo of this shop i was not so fascinated by fashion which i have seen in windows but more i was fascinated by building, such romantic and full of flowers....typical in english colours which included green and red, i wish i could have breakfast here on the floor ♥

Beyond retro

(In London u can find it on  more places)like in Soho-Central London, Brick lane-East London,Dalston- East London, Brighton-North Laines and some this stores i will find in Sweden too...but it is too much far i think hahah

this is not paradise....this is something more i think, if i called first store like paradise..this should be something moree....what is more than paradise? heaven?....maybe.... when i saw photos i was like OMG i have to be here one day....!!!!!!

link beyondretro
 (pics found on google)

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