středa 12. září 2012


Farewell, Michiru.
I set you free. As long as I am living, I will tie you down. Therefore, the only way I can free you, is to stop this heart. I wanted to become everything to you. The whole world you looked at, all the light shining on you. I wanted to be all of the happiness that you felt. Wherever, forever. I wanted to be one with you. But you’ve found happiness in a world without me, haven’t you? 
So, I’m going, at least while your warmth is left on these hands… While this body still remembers becoming one with you. 
I’m sorry for not being able to make you smile, even though I love your smiling face.
I’m sorry for not knowing how to love.
I’m sorry for not being able to bring you happiness.
So long, Michiru.
Be happy.
Sousuke’s letter - Last Friends

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