středa 3. dubna 2013

bakalářka/ working on my bachelor work

my glass on painting :)
using acrylic colours :)
works on norse and celtic mythology
work on antic mythology..not finished as u can see
this days everyday coffee...and not only once
my torture
sweet  dumplings...yumm yumm ♥

 hmm, každý den to samé. Hned jak vstanu, tak se začínám učit dějiny umění. Pak kouknu na ruštinu, bakalářku a maluji. A dokolaaaa...a dokolaaaaa T_T ....

everyday the same routine, when i woke up so immediately i am starting to learn history of art, then russian language and after it working on my bachelor work, and if i have some more time so i am painting...really tiring and it is sooo hard to use my brain this days.......i need rest...or something like that

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