středa 31. července 2013

Thrift store haul ♥

i wanted a lot of things in store.....i wanted :-( hahahah...shirt with lace here was nice on me too
i think it becomes already illness for me- shopping in thrift stores. when i lived in illusion that in Domažlice are not thrift stores, i lived peacefully, i had enough money (i bougt a lot of books...)....but God probably doesn't like me this year so i found 2 thrift stores which made my wallet empty :-D The most i love thrift store which is sittuated near train station (once i gave here some photos of this store)....every Tuesday owner, likable lady visiting warehouse (probably in Prague) and collesting clothes which gonna bring to Domaž from today every week i will be waiting on Wendnesday when new/old stuffs will be here and this day will have my wallet disaster hahah....... Today i came to this store, really curious .....i thought i will buy just dress (i wanted floral one for sure)...i know that last wek i bought one floral (black) too but...but.....i wanted next one (which would not to be dark...) i finished with black today too is my dastiny hahahaha♥ my hould finished mint shirt with lace and next shirt with lovely ruffle....hmmm ...

shirt with ruffle (EVIE CASUALS)
(the same brand like dress from last week...oooooo)

Mint shirt with lace (Papaya)

floral dress (Next)
i gonna wear them a lot when i will start working :-) next month

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