neděle 21. července 2013

Velhartice castle

old historical cottage, picture how it look in old times
and now cottage look almost the same thanks to people who love this region
entrance to the castle Velhartice
in the courtyard of the castle Velhartice :) i loved how young people who working here were dressed in historical costumes, i saw knight, clown, white lady, cardinal....
inside were artist who is specialized on fairies, her name is Marie Brožova.....she looked little bit like lost fairy too
old castle's brasserie
one photo of meee hahaha
Key to the Jewish Cemetery
in the centre of village was small historical fair...
next vintage cottage in the centre of village
i was so amazed by this door, they are not original but made according to original
it would not to be me if i would not to be obsessed by all historical places...hahah poor building..abandon, alone ....if i would have enough money...nothing would stop me and it would be mine for sure
in nice decor
i visited awesome pub in the same style like  rest of this village
i love crystals...i have really good collection at home but when i saw in historical fair  that they have stones, minerals..i had to buy some...this two were so cheap...just 100 Kč
pub had on the walls a lot of things from old age which were needed in the field 
old sewing machine

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  1. Ty jo, tam jsem myslím ještě nebyla, vypadá to jako hodně zajímavý tip na výlet, díky :)

    1. Jojo :)fakt se to vyplatí...a to už proto, že tam najdeš vic zajímavosti než hrad :) výstavy, kovárna, někde tam mají vystavený betlém, centrum s kostelem...fakt pěkný :)


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