pondělí 9. září 2013

Why i love autumn ♥

1. (they are so comfortable to wear, i think it is one of my favourite kind of shoes...and in autumn colours, colours of fire and brown colours ♥)

2. (i am gonna buy big red scarf, maybe red hat too)...just wear it with warm sweater ♥

3. (theres nothing better than crisp fall air...breeze and atmosphere around you....)

4. (it is not so usual for czech people to hide extra autum blakets. People here just have one sort of blanket which is using in every season. But maybe someone doing it, someone decorating home more.... someone not so much but in my family is normal decorating our home every season....in autumn we have here small pumpkins, in my room is some ceramic pumpkins, everything is different, more candles.....)

5. (It is something ehat changet in me...a few years ago i really hated sweaters a lot...but las year it chaged a lot...and i found that i became maniac to wear them...and trying to find them in thrift stores a lot.....)

6. (I could spend in nature all day, painting all day, walking all day  and i would not to have enough it ....watching all colours..)

7. (the most i like yankee candles)

8.  (Leggins!!! I fell for them this year, i have to find brown one with Norwegian pattern (black/white norwegian i already have but it is not so much what i want heh...)

9. (Tea i am drinking all year and a lot, every day...)


2 komentáře:

  1. Aw, ty první boty vypadají tak teplounce a měkce <3

    1. to jooo, mokasíny bych si ráda koupila, jen nevím, zda bych je vynosila, když se pomalu blíží zima :) ale na 100% budou hodně pohodlné :)


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