čtvrtek 17. ledna 2013

day in Budweiss ♥

so snowyyy...
Kačka and me

In pizza restaurant....this time no chinese restaurant, no sushiko...it's time on something else XD
today is snowy....week ago i decided that i will start to wear, almost spring's shoes....ahh really super, i didn't know that i will have to fight with this weather hahaha

new velvet collar ♥ i bought today

so awesome presents from my friend Lierka (AS EII TEAM) ...ahh...i love them all!!!
cool spiky earring  (one from presents i got from Lierka) 
i bought black trousers too, i really needed one :-)
ring :) (one from presents i have got from Lierkaaa) so nice on finger, almost on whole finger :)
cool  lip gloss ♥ (one from presents from Lierka)
collar-necklace (one of presents from Lierka)
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