středa 30. ledna 2013

day in life

my lovely bed :) ..oh yeas i know that book under my head are dangerous for me hahah, if one day it willbe broken and fall on my head during my sleep...i will become part of my books ...ehmm...bizarre ..hahah 
kitchen, hmm it was choice of my parents to buy this one MODERN kitchen, u know i am vintage lover so i was into wooden, brown romantic stylee...but in the end i was not winner...hmm but it is alright now haha
haha i was laughing everytime when i saw "teens" mirror photos...hmm... but i can't wait when i am visiting my friend, she have such a big is like drug for be near this mirror....i need one like this too hahaa
another "teens photo" haha... i was visit my friend, and we  had to choose dress on "prom party" dress was winner, i think we will be like women in black.... :D
it pictures on her wall (the blond girl down...with pink sweather's my friend haha)..the rest are members of her family :) 
ohh yeaaah, was opened new shop with bio foods and another stuffs, our folk costumes, right? )

-------> tomorrow i have to prepare on traveling!!! and then enjoy Friday and  Saturday!!!!♥

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