úterý 22. ledna 2013


today i enjoyed chinese  restaurant with my parents. I used to eat tofu, vegetable and rice here, but they did't have tofu :-( ... disappointment....okkkk prawns were yummy too ;-)  ....but i was not able to eat it well...hahaha one asian guy was watching me during eating hahaha weird time.....when u trying to look good , trying to eat prawns by chopsticks and everything falling down, what u want eat it (and he still looking on u) ...aaa like a weirdoo ... i need more piece during eating next time hahah, but still, it was nice, to be together...with my paents ♥
Today arrived my red shoes, they looks like creppers but they are not true one,just look similar haha it's difference in price of course....but still awesome :)

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