neděle 13. ledna 2013

my treasures ♥

My amber collection, i really love this, tree resin and one from my favourite gemstone (maybe because colour of my eyes is amber.. :-) )
this brooch is special for me, it was present from my friend, rose remembering me England ♥ and this one is with certificate :)
moonstone's earrings
this cross i got from my dad when i was on hogh school....we went to shopwith jewellry and he told me that i can choos what i want.....this was what i wanted...i don't know why.. it was love on first sight
From Biedermeier era which i bought in antique shop ( cca from 1815-1840) 
some things from gemstone
this earrings i got from my aunt (from Moravia)
pearl necklace from my mom ♥
present from my dad...ahh allmy family know what i love
art nouveau earrings which i bought  some year ago
stopwatch .... mom gave them to me on Christmas 1 year ago ( we bought them on one antique shop in Domažlice)
this she bought me in the same shop in the same time too :)....really sweet brooch ♥
this necklace looks like old thing ( like in art nouveau style) but i bougt it on fler :)

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