čtvrtek 31. ledna 2013

Haha ohh yess!! Finally something interesting in Domažlice. 15th March will be here "Happy St. Patrick's day", folk music band which play old irish, scottish songs (they are from Pilsen...but still i will enjoy it), and irish dancers too :O whaa...i still remember time when i was really obsessed by Scotland, England, Ireland...and i think i will be a bit obsessed everytime ( i am not kind of person who need sea---yeahh i would be happy for sea but i don't need it) and this land if for me like mystic land ..that i am writing about celtic mythology too hahah)
this is band..which will be here... (hmm i know this day should be 17th...but...hahah i don't caree)
haha i think it is normal for me to love folk music (from all the world) thats what all mori and dolly kei love!!♥
and i am proud on that i love it...and not music what young prefer this days...;-)
cuz the best music u will never find easily ( all deers listening it hahah :-D )

I found it now on tumblr!!!! Forest Themed Wedding Reception!
I would love to have wedding in this style one day too!!! like fairy!!!

středa 30. ledna 2013

day in life

my lovely bed :) ..oh yeas i know that book under my head are dangerous for me hahah, if one day it willbe broken and fall on my head during my sleep...i will become part of my books ...ehmm...bizarre ..hahah 
kitchen, hmm it was choice of my parents to buy this one MODERN kitchen, u know i am vintage lover so i was into wooden, brown kitchen....in romantic stylee...but in the end i was not winner...hmm but it is alright now haha
haha i was laughing everytime when i saw "teens" mirror photos...hmm... but i can't wait when i am visiting my friend, she have such a big mirror....it is like drug for me...to be near this mirror....i need one like this too hahaa
another "teens photo" haha... i was visit my friend, and we  had to choose dress on "prom party" haha..black dress was winner, i think we will be like women in black.... :D
it pictures on her wall (the blond girl down...with pink sweather ...it's my friend haha)..the rest are members of her family :) 
ohh yeaaah, ..here was opened new shop with bio foods and another stuffs, our folk costumes too...cool, right? )

-------> tomorrow i have to prepare on traveling!!! and then enjoy Friday and  Saturday!!!!♥

pondělí 28. ledna 2013


this sweather i bought this week when i was with Kačka in second hand shop....she was so luckyyy, bought a lot of things and really good things like trousers from Ralph Lauren..u was not so lucky, only on this :)
new lace t-shirt which mom gave me :) aaa....i will never have enough lace shirts and dress!!! ♥

pátek 25. ledna 2013

to be...or not to be

aaaaaaaaaaa našla Kačka, ale TT TT mno soukala bych se tam prsama asi dlouho, tak jsem to vzdala bez zkoušení hahaha....ale krása no....se jen tak nenajde..tak aspoň foto
i was shocked when i have seen it in my favourite secondhand shop..... but, i was not in mood on trying it, ibet it would be tight on my breast hahaha

středa 23. ledna 2013


  • Někdo si umí vybrat, chtěla jsem si uklidnit nervy romanťákem....a místo toho jsem shlídla pořádně napínavý-krimi-děsivý (pro mě) thriller, kde řádil sériový vrah, který zabíjel ženy (povoláním byl doktor).    
  • I really know how to find movie hahah, i wanted to calm myself with romantic movie...instead of it i watched krimi-scary- too much exciting thriller, where was killer of women...
  • Hlavní hrdinka měla dříve bratra, který rád tancoval, ona byla policajtkou a nelíbilo se jí, to co bratr dělá, přišla si pro něj, a když nechtěl s ní odejít, tak mu ruku poutami připevnila k držadlu v autě.
  • The main character had younger bro , who loved dancing. She was a policewoman and didn't like what her bro did, what he loved-his dancing.... one day she came to take him back, used chains on his one hand so he was not able to run away. 
  • Nevěděla, že budou mít autonehodu a on, právě kvůli těmto poutům zemře. Ona neschopná mu pomoct, oslepne.
  • Po třech letech, žije svůj život slepce s vodícím psem a chce se vrátit zpět do práce policajtky, není ji to ale dovoleno. 
  • She didn't know thtat it is the last time what she can see her brother. He was in fight with her during driving...and everything finished in car accident ( thanks to chains bro wasn't able to survive and she survived but because this she becomed blind.)
  • Čirou náhodou se dostane do rukou sériového vraha co unáší ženy a zabijí je u sebe doma ve sklepě, (vrah je lékař)...a já mám doje, že snad byl i nekrofil...bleee....
  • After 3 years she starded to live again but...never been lucky...first she lost parents..than brother..now dog and to her life came new disaster...serial killer 
  • Později se jeho cílem stane i ona, a začne ji pronásledovat..
  • Later  she become his new target and it will start....it is hard to explain it, if i would...it would be for nothing... (if u want to watching it)
  • člověk by řekl, že to, že byla slepec jí možná i pomohlo. Také to, že měla psa, jenž pro ni obětoval život....a nového kamaráda....jež ji v tom nenechal sám....joo pěkné to bylo, řekla bych masterpiece!!!! Ale nervy mám ještě v horším stavu O_O .
  •  One would say that it is only good for her that she was blind in some situations :) MASTERPIECE!!!!
Yoo Seung-ho ...hahah takový jiný než v missing you, ty vlasy XD ehhh
Yoo Seung-ho......little bit different than in " Missing You" ...crazy hairs ..heheh

úterý 22. ledna 2013


today i enjoyed chinese  restaurant with my parents. I used to eat tofu, vegetable and rice here, but they did't have tofu :-( ... disappointment....okkkk prawns were yummy too ;-)  ....but i was not able to eat it well...hahaha one asian guy was watching me during eating hahaha weird time.....when u trying to look good , trying to eat prawns by chopsticks and everything falling down, what u want eat it (and he still looking on u) ...aaa like a weirdoo ... i need more piece during eating next time hahah, but still, it was nice, to be together...with my paents ♥
Today arrived my red shoes, they looks like creppers but they are not true one,just look similar haha it's difference in price of course....but still awesome :)

sobota 19. ledna 2013

apps on my mobile phone :)

This i have on my mobile phone, and way home in the train is not so boring.....OMG i really son't know how i could survive without it this days.......for a long time i onle wrote sms and only calling to my family and friends...that was everything what i did on my mobile phone...hmm samsung Hello Kitty was cute one, i loved this mobile phone...i don't know why, without reasons...this mobile phone was not android, not wifi....only sms and calling....but GOODBYE KITTY haha!!!! and welcome samsung galaxy ace.... :) no i really don't know how i survived without it.....so cool.....here is some apps which i have on my phone already ;-)

CAMERA 360 download

-quite good app, i am not using it so much, but u can find here nice effects and scenes ...
Kakaotalk  download
-i am gonna use it, it is way how i can talk with my friends and with people i know on internet, so why not...
Face Match download
when u don't know what to do, and when u want to time running more quickly....it is little bit funny, not so important app, and when u love kpop and South Korea..and want to know who is simmilar to u from korean celebrities... try to find it in app store 

Girls Camera  download
- uhmm something like puricura pics....really cuteeeee
Photo Wonder download
this is one of my favourites, u can do collage,using filter camera, play with ur photo....using various frames...haha as u can see i have a lot of apps for photographers :-) u can make eyes bigger, face slimmer...a lot of good stuffs here
Pudding Camera    download
next good app with filters, films....
Sweet camera/roztomilý foťák     download 
-so this one is my favourite, who know me have to know that i feel for this...it is in dolly kei/mori kei style, a lot of vintage frames, pics,stamps, filters...... ♥♥♥♥ i have never seen something so cute, cool like this ......
Talking Tom download
- this i have only for fun, it is not ame..or something....it's only so cute that i had to download it too  haha
- what u will say to Tom..he will say it too but with his cute voice hahaha
-i knooow...silly a bit....but i like it hahaha
Line Camera download
- yeah thats totally awesome!!!! and so interesting stamps, different from other apps
- better filters and frames, maybe it is one from the best i got here

Bigbang shake download
-the most cool game!! this game i have on my mobile phone from yesterday, i tried it ..ehmmm...2x ...and i like it, during playing u are listening their music, what can be better? XD
SBS POP ASIA    download
- radio where u can listening asian music :)
Kpop radio download

- on the start u can choos Newest hits, teen k-pop, j-pop and international or soft ballads and then only enjoy musiiic!!!!!! ;-)

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