pátek 22. března 2013

DIY floral Headband

Some weeks ago i found one junk shop, i fell in love with it, you can find here the cheapest things, something between second hand shops and antiques... and when i have seen this blue-vintage- artifical roses i had to buy them. It is hard to find this kind of artifical flowers, in shops  u will find a lot of neon flowers or in normal boring colours but with this vintage look it is hard to find. 
What u need: 1)headband, 2) artifical flowers (just look to your granma's home, u will find something for sure, or visit junk shop), 3) if u want, u can use things what are using on wreaths on home's door, artifical fruits,mushrooms..i bought it on christmas markets), 4) wires (u should buy green wire, which is using at florist's ...i bought it in OBI). 5) pliers (use it on wire, if u don't want wire to scratch u during wearing), 6) Cutter
-bunch of flowers cut on pieces which u will tie to handband
wire u will use on every piece of flowers, right from the place under blossom to all stem, because on handband u can arange easier then.
almost done...u have tu be patirnt a lot ...hahaha... 

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