sobota 2. března 2013

red velvet costume

  • my vintage velvet custome which i got from my granma's friend, old lady, which didn't have daughter, only sons, and she wanted her costume to be in right hands. once i visited her and she invited me to her secret room, which was full of this traditional costume from this part of country. She had had a lot of blouses, aprons, hats, vests, jackets and accessories
  • i was so surpriced, she wanted me to try everything and i saw shining in her eyes, she was young again, so happy , i had cup of coffee with her and she showed me old photos when she was young girl in traditional costume, and next her photos, it was like another world. World full of folklore and old traditions, people were moree happy with their life, didn't use things like computers, tv or other electronics but still they were more full of life that people in this time. I saw in her memories something what people in this time don't have, enjoying small things, events and that they can be together. How they were proud on their costumes more than on something else..
  • From this moment when she said this everything and more to me, i was so proud on that she gave this are her treasures, her life and memories to me, even that i was not part of her family.
  • she died already (soon after she gave this all to me...maybe she knew that her end is coming soon) but i still keep her memories thanks to this costumes, and one day i will give it to my daughters ... (haha if i will have daughters :-))))) ) ...she still live....thanks to this 

  • It can be part of mori style or dolly kei when i will combined it with next part of fashion ♥
  • similar things i can see in Grimoire ;-)
  • tomorow i will do next photos of another costumes i got from this lady

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  1. Aw, that must have been so sweet! My friend's grandma insisted I took her sewing supplies becuase no one in my friend's family knows how to sew... I'm always thinking about the lady when using some of the things she gave me for my projects.

    And the dress is great, I'm sure the Grimoire shop girls would go gaga over it! <3

    1. ahh u are lucky too, wow, sewing supplies have to look great because in old time was everything nicer than now :) with my granma we visited one old lady and she had big box full of buttons and on every visit i choose 10 vuttons which i can take home :-) it was sooo nice searching in box... but all this buttons i lost ... :( (i was younger and i was not like now) haha
      i would like to start sewing too soon, try to made something too haha ...hope i will know how to use sewing machine (i used it on high school but it is looong time) hahaha :-D

  2. Odpovědi
    1. simtěěě, musíš se umět kamarádit s důchodkyněmi :D


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