středa 13. března 2013

Midnight in Paris

Yesterday i was watching really fantastic Woody Allen's movie Midnight in Paris, where the main actor (Owen Wilson-i don't like him because he is playing in bad comedies for my opinion, or it is because his nose? i dunno why...) but in this movie he was fine. I almost forgot that he is bad actor. Story about lost writter who visited Paris with his fiance (here they spend time with her parents, friends). From the start i knew they bot are so different, that in the end they will break up and all movie i was waiting on it. While she spend time with her friend and parents he was walking around night's Paris, such romantic soul, loves walking in the rain, to this time was bad Hollywood writer which is lost, but in his soul was hidden poet. In Paris every artist find his everyday in midnight in one street came old vintage car in 20s style and he get to another era, era of time around 1920. His paradise from his dreams, meet Fitzgerald, Hemingway, Picasso, Dali,famous artist of this era, he danced with them, talked with them, he met love and become poet, found himself in another time. With love, the together get to next another era, era of La Belle Epoque with Degas, Lautres, Gauguin, but then came back, finally finishet bad relationship with his fiance and, found love, girl with antiques...and together were walking in the rain....really this story....i love it so much!!!! it's like about me, trying to find myself, everynigh when i sleeping, i am trying to find my dreams in another times....i want to move in time like him too!!!! or fine time machine!!!!!! (sorry for my english ..haha)

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