pátek 15. března 2013

Happy st. Patrick's day

 One hour ago i came back home ..it was awesome, it was "club scene" we had our table with candle haha, firstly i thought i will be here only with parents but in the end my friend came too, with her BF and mother, folk band Poitín is awesome, singing old folk songs, some i know so somethimes i was singing with them...irish and scottish music, i fell in love with Jeremy Marc King's voice, really, similar to voice of Dougie Maclean, just pity that the didn't sing my favourite scottish song "Caledonia" but never mind, still it was good, and Jeremy was funny a lot hahah
  We saw dancers with their irish dance and tap dance, i dunno why but i didn't like them, it is like illness but i am looking on fashion a lot..and dancing irish dance in pink and shining clothes like from movie "saturday night fever" is not good, next time they should dress up to better things haha ...but i was probably only one who was thinking like that hahaha...but, beer was good, music band too- really friendly...and good spending of Friday's nigh

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