pátek 1. března 2013

school days

i was in secondhands...and i bought just this bag...satchel, soo cool, and everyone told me that it is my style that i bought it well...
i am writing my bachelor work right now, part of celtic mythology 
view from the window when i was on stairs in the scchool....so cold out :--(
i bought some components which i want use on new earrings and necklace
in my room, in dormitory me and my roommates have 3 books, and we are writing to each to other's book, when Eliška is not in the room so me and Kaja painting or drawing to her book..... and when i was in the shower, my roommmated made this to my book  hahah..eee...really funny, they gave me their hairs into the book  hahah for memory
my writing during history of art,
on history of art, this girl nexr to me is my roommate Eliška haha, she hates photos of her so much, i dunno why ...eeee. I think if she would know that here is her photo, she would kill me slowly
yummy!!!!! finally something on eating on my dormitory ♥

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