neděle 3. března 2013

vintage closet opened ♥

Blue traditional costumes

  •  next 2 traditional costumes, which i got from one old lady (but my favourite is still first one from red velvet)

ahh i like this combination of blue fabric and red combs
  • today when i visited my granma, i was all day in closet again and chose some things, and took them with me :)

♥♥♥ my new satchel!!! (which i already showed u ..but i love ittt!!

yeahhh i remember it when i was kid, i thought that this backpack is so odd, but now i think, that i will start to wear it, maybe i gonna little bit design it with spikes , in grunge style
mom's drees, when she was 17 years old, haha i see that she loved dress a lot, and this one she designed  it herself, really cool !! colours, lace, design of dress and Peter Pan collar
lace and croched cirsle...
i got this clutch bag from granma today, when i sae it in living room, i knew i will have in my home.
this made my dad for mom , he is good in using sewing machine ;-)
i found this headscarf inside of old closet which is in the attic
Sweater, once i wore it on retro party haha in Písek, during high school
20-30 years old dress, made in India, but bought in Hungary

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