úterý 12. března 2013

John Atkinson Grimshaw and Jakub Schikaneder

When i have seen Geimshaw's works, i was reallz shoked, because his works are so similar to Schikaneder|s works. The same atmosphere, almost the same style of painting, the same landscape, maybe if they would meet in their era, they could work together, in the same atelier. On High school, Schikaneder was one from ma th favourite czech painters,  now when i saw John's art, i think he is better, brighter colours, his works look almost like photos, his works more realistic. Jakub did't care about to hidebrushstrokes, that showed he is more opened to modern world, what i can se he focused more on people and their lives, sadness. Grimshaw's more dreamy versions are better for my opinion, he was older than Jakub, it is possible that Jakub saw Grimshaw's works and was inspirated by him....and if not...i am shocked even more....two men, the same style♥

Jakub Schikaneder
 (27. února 1855, Praha – 15. listopadu 1924, Praha)
John Atkinson Grimshaw
(6 September 1836 – 13 October 1893)

 Geimshaw's works

Glasgow Docks
Blackman Street, London (1885), John Atkison Grimshaw
John Atkinson Grimshaw ‘A Moonlit Lane’, 1874 

John Atkinson Grimshaw, The Lady of Shalott, c.1875, oil on canvas

 Schikaneder's works
Jakub Schikaneder, Prague embarkment

Jakub Schikaneder - Vecer v zahrade / Le soir dans le jardin, 1907

Jakub Schikaneder  (Old Prague Corners)
Jakub Schikaneder, Utonulá

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