čtvrtek 28. března 2013

second hand's stuff

Some stuff what i tried last time, when i visited "secons hand shop" ...you can see, i am into floral clothes this time haha ♥

DIY celtic coffer

Me and my dad , we both love working with antiques, it is long time what we both started to renovate old coffers. We tried to search in antique shops, internet, everywhere...and when we found one good, so my dad  renovated wood by special chemicals,  tried to find vintage handles, locks or this things which u will not find in big markets. And in the end is my work haha, when i will use my the biggest weapon, paint brush and colours...and just used varnish
 i know, i have my room and it should be something like my atelier but more than in my room i am working in  hall , it is more comfortable and more place here than on my table ....so i was painting my coffer here

it's same like with paper.... but your finished work will stay with you longer ;-)
 First i used just pencil, it is easier because, celtic motives 
look easy but they aren't, celtic knots and neverending motives whaaaaaaa...
 almost done with pencil, now i used acrylic colours, on this coffer i used dark brown for bigger contrast with  lighter wood
 and when u will open .....
 i thought that it will be finished like that, but in the end i used decorative jewellry stones, haha not so much celtic in the end haha, more like something between celtic and arabic, oriental ...
 so now i have it near my piano and i gave there my jewelry, bracelets, rings....my treasures hahah

pátek 22. března 2013

Me and floral headband

DIY floral Headband

Some weeks ago i found one junk shop, i fell in love with it, you can find here the cheapest things, something between second hand shops and antiques... and when i have seen this blue-vintage- artifical roses i had to buy them. It is hard to find this kind of artifical flowers, in shops  u will find a lot of neon flowers or in normal boring colours but with this vintage look it is hard to find. 
What u need: 1)headband, 2) artifical flowers (just look to your granma's home, u will find something for sure, or visit junk shop), 3) if u want, u can use things what are using on wreaths on home's door, artifical fruits,mushrooms..i bought it on christmas markets), 4) wires (u should buy green wire, which is using at florist's ...i bought it in OBI). 5) pliers (use it on wire, if u don't want wire to scratch u during wearing), 6) Cutter
-bunch of flowers cut on pieces which u will tie to handband
wire u will use on every piece of flowers, right from the place under blossom to all stem, because on handband u can arange easier then.
almost done...u have tu be patirnt a lot ...hahaha... 

úterý 19. března 2013

like and don't like

 Things I Like
  • sunglasses
  • antiques
  • Post Mortem
  • old books
  • Eglish/Scottish/Irish culture
  • Korean/Japanese/Chinese... culture
  • bones, skull...
  • cabinet of curiosities
  • minerals/stones/crystals
  • candles 
  • spiritual and witch stuffs
  • blouses
  • song "Caledonia"
  • Underground shoes
  • photos of abandoned houses (not to see them in reall because it is sad)
  • Cult party kei
  • Mori style, dolly kei
  • victorian houses
  • boys with tattoos
  • this days i like guys in sailor style, with beard aand good style
  • or guys with undercut hairstyle
  • cats
  • brittish accent
  • old traditionl pubs and old streets (In Korea or Japan i like modern streets too)
  • Björn Andrésen
  • asian guys or mixed guys
  • forests
  • Grimoire
  • Mythologies
  • Pasta♥♥
  • vegetables (i need to eat vegetables everyday ...when i don't eat vegetables for long time, them i am nervous)
  • Mademoiselle Yulia( her music/style/Giza/
  • collars
  • shabby chic
  • suppurate system
  • Tavy Gevinson
  • The Virgin Mary
  • Wonder rocket
  • asian restaurants
  • a lot of pillows during sleeping
  • chaos
  • nights
  • oversize fashion
  • traveling by train
  • singing
  • Cheese

✗ I don't like
  • spiders
  • knifes
  • darkness
  • Milk (coffee and flavored yes), meat,
  • violence
  • leggins with flags
  • high heels (i wear them only when i have to..)
  • too much aattention
  • dogs (small dogs, Niky's dog)
  • modern literature
  • pink and yellow (maybe in pastel i would like..)
  • white walls
  • Germany
  • Czech republic
  • Italian stuffs, country....
  • when my my flying because wind :) (or when i forget on hair spray hahha)
  • learning on exams
  • be poor..i wannna be with a lot of moneyy
  • my illness ...
  • people without sense of humor
  • Slovakian part of my family
  • sports
  • when someone buy me parfem, because i think it is personal thing and i think i should buy it by myself ...i have interesting taste (and when someone buy me parfem, i don't like it and i am bad in acting)

Mom's sunglasses ♥

neděle 17. března 2013

Duck meeting

Near my home is river "Zubřina" and i used to go there to feed the ducks .  ..today because they were thankful because i gave them some bread, so they became models for me , it is not easy to catch good photo of them and i was waiting for good moment.... :) 

sobota 16. března 2013

Lunch in Pilsen

from now it is one of my favourite dishes...really...fried prawns, sweet and sour sauce, ananas and rice ♥♥
i wanted to steal this car so muchchchchcch!!!!
because i had sick eyes i didn't have eye lines today  :-( 
my new shoes, nothing special but i can combine it with everything

pátek 15. března 2013

Happy st. Patrick's day

 One hour ago i came back home ..it was awesome, it was "club scene" we had our table with candle haha, firstly i thought i will be here only with parents but in the end my friend came too, with her BF and mother, folk band Poitín is awesome, singing old folk songs, some i know so somethimes i was singing with them...irish and scottish music, i fell in love with Jeremy Marc King's voice, really, similar to voice of Dougie Maclean, just pity that the didn't sing my favourite scottish song "Caledonia" but never mind, still it was good, and Jeremy was funny a lot hahah
  We saw dancers with their irish dance and tap dance, i dunno why but i didn't like them, it is like illness but i am looking on fashion a lot..and dancing irish dance in pink and shining clothes like from movie "saturday night fever" is not good, next time they should dress up to better things haha ...but i was probably only one who was thinking like that hahaha...but, beer was good, music band too- really friendly...and good spending of Friday's nigh


I found this photo in my computer.... :-)) i am always scared to take this t-shirt to school, what will my teachers  say on it :-) i just wanna look like good girl hahaha

čtvrtek 14. března 2013


big necklace i bought in antique shop in Pilsen, i dunno what is it, if it is asian, or for historical costume or what, but when i saw it, i knew it will be mine
shell pendant and vintage comb
Thor's hammer Mjöllni- pendant (it is important to me, lover of mythology, with this i never lose my goal) and coin (i think it is chinese, i got it when i bought katana sword haha)

some of my handmade dolly kei/ mori brooches


Mori necklace (how to make flower young forever...u can see how she is still nice- and it is 1 year what i made it :) ) just find old small things which u don't need, keys, components, beads, small chains and try to combine it with flowers, wood or another thing from nature... and don't forget on Dentacryl :) it is easy and Dentacryl is cheaper than resin and result is the same...
2 brooches japanese style

Mori cross necklace

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